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Selling electronic online is a gem. You get an opportunity to meet with new customers that you couldn’t reach with your brick and mortar version. With this, you are sure of more sales and an increase in profit levels. As the globe becomes a village, your business is becoming an international brand regardless of its size. Is that a worthy idea? Well, while this sounds a million-worth thought, selling online comes with some obstacles.
One of these challenges is the fraudster issue. As an entrepreneur, you do not have an opportunity to interact one-on-one with your customers. Due to this, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether you are dealing with genuine customers or not. Fraudsters take advantage to trick you. If you are not conscious, you can suffer significant losses particular when you are first-timer. Here are the four important tips on how to avoid fraudsters when selling electronics online:


Even though selling online gives you an opportunity to reach a broader market, it opens a space for fraudsters to accomplish their objectives. According to Craigslist, you can avoid online scammers by 99% by going local. The scammers utilize the reality of virtual trading and trick you with attractive deals. To prevent this, you can focus on the local markets.
For instance, if your electronic shop is located in New York City, you can consider selling the items to people within a reachable radius. With this, it will be easier to reach out to your customers as you will be delivering products in known areas. In case of an issue, you can rectify it with ease. Hence, before thinking of selling electronics to international buyers, consider going local.


Well, you are in business to make money. The more cash you earn, the higher motivation you gain. However, using honest methods to earn revenue is healthy for you and your business. Fraudsters and online criminals are aware that you need to earn more profits particularly when you are a startup. Hence, they will utilize the opportunity and your desires to trick you. Here, they will pay more cash than the actual price of the electronics you are offering.
Afterward, they will request a refund. Or else, the fraudsters ask you to use the excess amount to cater for the item shipment. Who won’t like such a good deal? Well, upon completing the transfer or refund, you realize that they either used a fake check or stolen credit cards. Thus, you undergo stressful moment as you will have to refund the victims. Also, you get penalties for using counterfeit checks. As such, always be careful of overpayments when selling electronics online.
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Other than overpayments, online fraudsters can use shipping as a tactic for robbing you your electronics. Here, the buyer will request you to send the product through their shipping carrier accounts. They will argue that you will pay less amount as doing so earns them a discount. As you know, you aim is to reduce shipping costs. Hence, this may sound as splendid idea.
However, before you invest in it, you need to know that shipping through the customer’s account is not advisable. Why? The act denies you an opportunity to control the shipping process. By this, you offer the scammers a green ground for achieving their objectives. The fraudster reroutes the electronics to a new destination.
Later, they come back for a refund claiming they never received their purchases.  So, you lose the cash and the product. For this reason, you should never accept to use your customer’s account to ship products to them.
With these tips, you will know which are the best platforms for selling electronic products online. Read More