How to Sell Clothes, Swap or Donate Them?

Most people have lots of unused clothes in the closets. Clothes that you bought but never wore, Clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in years, accessories that have never been used and shoes that felt awesome in the store only to give you blisters on the first trip that you wore them.

Question is what do you do to that heap of clothes that you so want to get rid of? Donate them to a charity organization, try selling them or swap them for something that you will use or wear.

How to sell old clothes online


eBay is a big auction website. It has 125 million registered users and over 50,000 categories. You can sell anything on eBay, watches, clothes, shoes, accessories and many others. You are charged a tiny fee when you post an item on eBay, and the final value fee is charged after the item sells.

How to Donate Old Clothes

The following are non-profit organizations where you can donate clothes.


Goodwill provides job training for people with special needs. It has more than 2600 stores that are used for storing clothes that have been donated. You can donate almost anything at Goodwill starting from shoes, clothes and household stuff.

They provide pickup services, but you can also drop off your donation at any Goodwill store. Always avoid leaving your goods outside the facility when the working hours are over, this is because the item might be stolen or get damaged and also you won’t be issued with a receipt.

The Salvation Army

This is one of the largest charitable organizations in the world. The salvation army operates a lot of social service programs such as disaster relief efforts and homeless services. You can donate any item to the salvation army provided it’s in excellent condition. You can drop off your items at any of their thrift shops nationwide or arrange for them to be picked.

How to swap old clothes

Swapping is another way of recycling clothes. You trade your clothes for another person’s.

Swap party

A swap party is where a group of women who gather together to exchange their pieces of clothes. Some parties can also allow women to sell or buy clothes at a standard price.

The types of items to swap depend with the hostess. You can exchange different items from clothes, shoes, accessories and even makeup. In a swap party, you trade the items based on the monetary value if there isn’t a suitable swipe then a person can buy the item directly.


If you are tired of having loads of clothes in your house you can donate them to charity organizations and help someone, sell them to make money or swap them and acquire some new items in your wardrobe.


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