Top Mobile Apps to Sell Clothes for IOS and Android


Most people especially women tend to buy clothes and not wear them at all. Within no time your closet is filled with dozens of clothes that are unused. What do you do to the clothes that are in the perfect good condition but you no longer wear them? Listed down are some of the best apps to sell clothes for iOS and Android users.

  • eBay

eBay is one of the most substantial yard sales on the internet today. To sell your clothes on eBay, first, you have to create a seller account where you will have a total number of 20 free listings each month. Ensure you take perfect photos of the clothes that you are selling. Write up a well-detailed description for each clothing; then you can decide whether you want to auction your items or to set a price on each item and after an item sells package it and send it as a parcel to the buyer.

  • Mercari

You can sell about anything with Mercari from accessories, clothing, toys, shoes the list is endless. You can use your android or iOS phone to sell the items. Mercari has a vast selection of up to 100,000 items to select from. What you have to do is to take some lovely photos, set a description and then set a price.

The listings are provided for free, but there’s a 10% fee charged after an item sells. After selling your item, Mercari will email you a shipping label that is trackable for easier shipment of the item to the buyer. Mercari releases the money on the bought item after the buyer confirms that the item has been received and the item is as specified in the description.

  • Vinted

Vinted is for selling, buying or swapping used up clothes. Vinted is a mobile app that’s quite easy to use. The key things in this app are taking photos, writing a description, setting a price and you are ready to sell. Immediately the buyer receives the items; money is directly sent to your bank account. You can also use other payment methods such as PayPal if you wish. Another essential feature of vented is that the buyer can chat directly with the seller just in case she wants to inquire more about the item.


If you want to sell your clothes using your mobile phone, then the above apps will work best for that. You can download them if you have an android or iOS phone. They are easy to use and will significantly help you in selling your clothes online.